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"If you see something......say something."

The 2019 "Summit Conference" is the most successful to date

Families Come Together To Arm Themselves With Knowledge

The answer is yes. My son was murdered in 2007. The next answer is no. I will never forget the horror and grief my family and I have suffered these many years when I received the news that morning. The final answer is yes. Just like every family that has sought out my assistance these past years we all want justice. I discovered early on the road to justice is knowledge. How to channel my pain into action. Understanding how the justice system works, and whom does it work for. I was determined to learn what it takes to not let the memory of my son amount to no more than a statistic.

I created the “Summit Conference” because so many families like myself wanted answers. We wanted to look into the eyes of the First Responders, the Police Officers, the Detectives, the Coroner, and the County Prosectors to get their responses to our questions of why and how. The National Crime Victims’ Rights Week gave us the perfect forum to help the families in Cincinnati. This 11th Summit Conference was the most successful since its inception. 

Thank you to the many families, friends, and volunteers that attended. With deepest appreciation I'd like to thank our professional expert panel members for their energy and responsiveness to the discussion and answer periods. The amazing part this year was that as I looked around the conference room all the panel members stayed after the conference ended to talk one on one with families. These are the professionals most times we never get to see because they are the ones behind the scenes. 

There aren’t enough accolades and thanks to let Ms. Barbaranne Irving know how appreciative we are for traveling from Florida to be our Hostess and Commentator for this event.

A huge thank you and God’s blessings to the Hamilton County Community Action Agency for making their facility available to us, and for all that they do for the Cincinnati community. Lastly, the organization is honored to have volunteers and friends like those that gave of their time in past years and this year to set up the conference room area, and clean up at the end. Thank you is an understatement for the dedication you have shown these many years.

See something..........Say something. UCanSpeakForMe

Hope Dudley

Kenneth Parker - Assistant United States Attorney and Hope Dudley, Founder/CEO UCanSpeakForMe.

Kenneth Parker - Assistant United States Attorney and Hope Dudley, Founder/CEO UCanSpeakForMe.


"Can anyone hear me out there? Is anyone listening?"

"It has become my mission to help families that have been affected by the senseless loss of a loved one to homicide. There is nothing glamorous about what we do for families. They are angry, afraid, and not ready for their journey into the justice system."  Hope Dudley 

UCanSpeakForMe is always trying to find new ways to connect with anyone who will listen to our message of "See Something...Say Something". Recently we made a presentation before Cincinnati's Law & Public Safety Committee. 


Hope Dudley continues her relentless effort to help families keep cold cases in the public eye.

New Cold Case Posters Announced


Ms. Hope Dudley, Founder/CEO of UCanSpeakForMe with the support of Cincinnati Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman held a press conference to unveil the organization’s latest Cold Case Poster effort for Hamilton County. These newest posters  feature photographs and names of victims of unsolved murdered females. In addition, the Department of Ohio Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) received 200 hundred posters for display in all 30 State run institutions.

an empty seat at the table

How do you celebrate the holiday season? Shopping? Parties? Time off from work? For some of our neighbors and friends this time of year becomes a harsh reminder of personal loss. Placing a wreath on a grave at the cemetery. Viewing "An Empty Seat At The Table".

It has become an annual holiday event for UCanSpeakForMe for client families to gather and support one another. Their common bond  is a show of strength concealing their pain which is a time of happiness for those around them.

UCanSpeakforme continues to break new ground for families

Candle Light Chain Of Peace


Families are empowered by one another's strength to publicly remember their lost of a family member. Justice will be found by keeping their memories alive.

Women's Unsolved Murders


UCanSpeakForMe's latest Cold Case Poster asks the question: "Can you help find who killed me?". This newest poster highlights the lost lives of women in Hamilton and Butler counties.

Ms. Dudley Speaks To Butler County Families


UCanSpeakForMe CEO has been in high demand to address families in Ohio counties about the need to remain proactive with local law enforcement authorities using organizational products.

Expanding Our Products and Services


UCanSpeakForMe is reaching more families by expanding into additional Ohio counties. Sergeant Rob Whitlock accepts a shipment of UCan Cold Case Posters from Ms. Dudley.

Justice For Families


CEO Hope Dudley works overtime to deliver a fresh patch of UCanSpeakForMe Cold Case Playing Cards to the Hamilton County Justice Center. This unique design is intended to provide authorities with tips to unsolved cases.

The Saddest Days For Families


"Tis the season to be......." For most families the upcoming holiday celebrations will take on a minus one effect. UCan will again sponsor holiday gatherings for families. Continue to check this site for updates.

The power of families for justice

Thank you to the hundreds that came out to show support for the families of these and other murder victims.

Hope Dudley's son, Daniel "Chaz" Dudley, was gunned down in a drive-by shooting on Sept. 29th, 2007. Hope started the group UCanSpeakForMe.org.

The vigil was to remember all the murder victims whose families have not gotten justice. There is a simple message for the community.

"If you see something, say something," Ms .Dudley said.

Thank you media partners for their compassionate coverage.

Helping Families by remaining visible in the media

Price Hill needs ShotSpotter to curtail gun violence, victim's sister says. This is a story that UCanSpeakForMe has worked to support the family in their search for justice since 2012. Brian Thompson has appeared on UCan Posters and Cold Case Playing Cards.

Citing crime, city says College Hill property is a nuisance

UCanSpeakForMe CEO speaks out on ways to support safety in a Cincinnati Community.


Crime Stoppers boosts rewards hoping to help bereaved families of homicide victims. Ms. Dudley hopes the increased reward will tempt witnesses and insiders who have spent over a decade keeping secrets. Despite years of silence, 

"I have peace of mind knowing that, 'One day, you're going to get caught,'" Ms. Dudley said. "'It's going to be in a time when you think you don't want to go to jail, but the statute of limitations … there's none when it comes to homicides.'"


More Awards and Covering New Counties

The WLWT-TV public affairs program ISSUES has received a first place award from the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists for a program featuring UCanSpeakForMe CEO Hope Dudley.

The program won for Best Minority Issues Coverage. The award will be presented on August 25th in Cincinnati to the television station.   The judges comments said: "A compelling portrait of a grieving mother who turned that grief into action and, more than 10 years after her son's unsolved murder, has created a community movement that seeks justice and heals for all.

We would like to extend our congratulations to one of our media partners for their continued support of our stop the violence message. The WLWT story can be viewed by going to our "What's New" page and clicking on the video called "The Tears You Don't See".


UCanSpeakForMe has been contacted to extend it's family advocacy resources to the community of Trotwood, Ohio located in the Dayton area. A college student and a basketball player, Elmer Rucker was sitting in a car with his friend when they were both gunned down on April 18th.

"He was a good student. As far as I'm concerned, the perfect child. It's a big loss for me," Elmer Rucker Sr. said. 

While the afternoon vigil in Trotwood was a time to be with loved ones, it was also a call for help with his son's murder investigation.

"It's taking some time and taking too long for me. So I needed to do something. I'm asking the public's for help," said Rucker Sr.  He hopes keeping his son's name out in the public will help convince someone to come forward with information.

After the vigil, supporters like Hope Dudley, who also lost a son to gun violence, took to the streets to hand out flyers with Rucker's photograph.

"We want to keep his face out there so people would know that this young man was murdered in this location," Dudley said.

With 11 weeks since his Rucker's death and no suspects in custody, both Dudley and Rucker Sr. hope the public will speak up.  "Somebody knows something and it can help," he said. 

25-year-old Antonio Collins was also gunned down in the car with Rucker.  

The WDTN-TV story can be viewed at https://www.wdtn.com/news/local-news/father-pleads-for-public-s-help-in-son-s-trotwood-shooting-death/1274637104 

UCanSpeakForMe continues to  receive requests from families throughout the southern counties of Ohio for assistance and resource information.



Hope Dudley receives State of Ohio Award

Hope Dudley has worked tirelessly to bring attention to unsolved homicides since her son Daniel "Chaz" Dudley was killed in  a drive-by shooting in 2007 in Cincinnati. After his death, she started making bookmarks, flyers, posters, and playing cards featuring unsolved homicide cases in the hope that, by putting a face on the violence, she would encourage those with information to come forward. She distributed her creations throughout the community in churches, libraries, businesses, and prisons. Impressed with her actions, law enforcement officials unveiled a statewide pilot project in 2008 using posters based on Dudley's works.

To further her cause, Dudley started UCanSpeakForMe Inc. in 2009. the nonprofit assistance program is designed to educate victims and their families about the criminal justice system, promote an anti-violence message, and encourage cooperation between victims and the court system. the organization holds monthly support meetings for grieving families and participates in community outreach activities. For the past several years, the group has sponsored a one-day public summit during National Crime Victims' Rights Week, featuring speakers from the criminal justice system. The event unites first responders, judge, prosecutors, and victim advocates.

As part of a recent video project, Dudley worked with the victims' families to assemble a collection of interviews and images to tell stories of the grieving process. Her own testimony, The Tears You Don't See, was featured on a local TV community-affairs program. For her efforts, she was honored with an award from Crime Stoppers.

Dudley exemplifies strength, resiliency, and perservance. She has converted her grief into giving in order to help other victims of crime.

You can watch the Attorney General's awards ceremony at:  https://youtu.be/LU4p4gkZiTM Congratulations Ms. Dudley for your unselfish service to grieving families  from a homicide across the State of Ohio.

Ms. Dudley accepts Ohio's Special Courage Award for 2018

Ms. Dudley accepts Ohio's Special Courage Award for 2018

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