The Tears You Don't See

After a senseless violent crime. When the news cameras disappear. What is left is the pain, and the endless seasons of tears no one understands that still haunts families after their loss. This is one story of one woman sharing her story, and the anguish of the families she assists.  Watch at:

When Tragedy Strikes

UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker is a non-profit charitable and educational organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The organization was formed to promote the concerns and issues related to the needs of parents whose children lives have been lost through violence, and to educate audiences by way of speaker’s services to inform victim’s families of how to work with local authorities and organizations who may provide information and support.

Hope Dudley, CEO of UCanSpeakForMe, created the organization after her son was killed in a drive by shooting.  While searching for avenues to assist law enforcement to discover information in the shooting she began to put out flyers and wrote letters to bring attention to this crime. Her hope(so to speak) is that someone would step forward with information leading to an arrest.  Part of her media vision was the creation of the “UCanSpeakForMe Bookmarker”.  While consulting with Cincinnati Detectives she got the idea to  place them in prisons to generate conversations among current offenders  which may lead to solving this and other cold cases.

Imagine getting a call from police saying that your child is deceased from gunshot wounds suffered at a party you thought was safe for the child to attend. A thousand questions and even more emotions immediately consume the families that Ms. Hope wraps her arms around. The homicide rate in Cincinnati appears to have decreased slightly when looking at the numbers. However, the sadness that she encounters is a vicious cycle of regret and remorse. Her doorway to compassion has become an entrance for those families needing guidance through a new maze of tragedy.

Through the organization, UCanSpeakForMe, Ms. Dudley provides compassion and helpful guidance thru the initial shock of a family receiving the tragic news from Detectives. How to handle the media, and how to remain proactive throughout the investigation process. From her experiences she offers printed materials such as her personalized book markers and "Help Us" information posters. Depending on the family's  needs there are possible referrals to local and State agencies for financial and counseling services that may include VINE or the Attorney General's Victims Compensation Program. There are also monthly discussion sessions for families to express their grieving, and ask questions to guest speakers.  

UCanSpeakForMe offices are conveniently located. Go to our "Get Involved" page to contact us for possible assistance. All initial packaged services are provided with  limitations, individually designed for each family, and within those limitations are provided at no cost to the families.