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Crime Victims Rights Week: The Summit

Eleven years straight and going strong UCanSpeakForMe has sponsored the only continuous local event connected to Annual National Crime Victims Rights Week. UCanSpeakForMe’s version of this important conference is called “The Summit”. 

This year’s conference once again was held at the Hamilton County Community Action Association’s spacious meeting facility. This year saw the largest attendance in the Summit’s history. This year guest and families enjoyed enthusiastic conversations and informational interaction about a number of topics. This conference has grown over the years because it provides families access to professionals in the different fields of crime investigation and medical services. Through the years this conference in Cincinnati has demonstrated value for law enforcement as well as families.

In case you missed this year’s event here are a few photographs.

UCanSpeakForMe Expands Office Space


UCanSpeakForMe opened launched a home office in 2012. In 2016 the multipurpose conference room was added. At that time the organization needed a professional home base to not only work with volunteers, but clients traumatized by the homicide of a child in need of our services could find us. The permanent office space has given UCanSpeakForMe a legitimate foot hold in the community as a provider of resources. 

The new conference room is connected to the original office space and planning center. With this addition: 

1) volunteers can meet to discuss assignments and plan upcoming events. 

2) client families can have meetings that are trauma free to design reward cards and posters.

3) press conferences and television news interviews are conducted.

4) monthly meetings are held for client families.

Spring and Summer Are Around The Corner

Make it a point to visit our web page often to learn about meetings and rallies. You can always reach us for more information by email or phone. Contact info can be found on our "Get Involved" page.

The Tears You Don't See

Hope Dudley's mission has become helping families affected by violent crime. No parent should have to bury their child. That same type of violence took the life of her son Chaz 10 years ago. When the headlines disappear for the family the pain seems to be endless.

24 Hours of Peace

CEO and Founder of UCanSpeakForMe, Hope Dudley, organizes a 24 hour cease fire in Cincinnati. No murders, no stabbings, no homicides for one day is asked of the communities in target areas.

Ohio's Only Cold Case Playing Cards

UCanSpeakForMe's CEO has released it's third version of the Cold Case Playing cards. This is the only Statewide tool offered to law enforcement of it's kind in Ohio.

UCan CEO is featured on local program

Hope Dudley appears on Cincinnati's Star 64 program call "Cincinnati Issues" hosted by Lincoln Ware.

CrimeStoppers Honors Hope Dudley

CrimeStoppers honors the UCanSpeakForMe CEO and founder as the CrimeStoppers Board Member of The Year.