UCanSpeakForMe Book markers, posters, and VINE information give our client families the advantages of available resources and tools to feel confident in their search for justice.

UCanSpeakForMe in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have created the new Cold Case Playing Cards that are being placed in Ohio prisons, jails, and lock-up facilities.  Take a few moments to view the cards. Maybe there is a face that you remember.  Maybe you know the family of that victim. Maybe, just maybe, you remember some detail that might help law enforcement get closer to solving a case.  All information should be directed to the Cincinnati Investigations Bureau (513-352-3536) or the CrimeStoppers Hotline (888-352-3040). 

Tell a friend or relative to visit our site. After all justice is the responsibility of the entire community.  Please continue to support UCanSpeakForMe as we forge ahead with projects to support the plight of families who have lost loved ones to a violent crime.

Here are some examples of the latest 2017 Edition of UCanSpeakForMe's Cold Case Playing Cards designed as a tool to solicit new information on unsolved homicide cases.  Limited requests for decks at a reduced fee are accepted by emailing us at ucanspeakforme@zoomtown.com.